Baby Massage & Reflexology

Welcome to Tiny Toes Corby!

Tiny Toes Corby offers a unique combination of baby massage and reflexology classes, as a natural, safe & effective way to stretch, soothe and support your baby, whilst enabling you to bond further and maybe make a friend or two along the way!

Being able to support your baby using reflexology for their health & wellbeing, as well as, being able to gently stretch and relax them with massage techniques, means you will feel empowered to know what to do when things can become more stressful.

Reflexology techniques you will learn on the feet are related to areas of the body and will support with digestion, such as colic, reflux or constipation, sleep, relaxation, coughs & colds and teething. These are great for ‘on-the-go’ solutions as baby feet are easily available wherever you may be! These techniques can continue to be used as your little one grows too.

Lisa is a qualified Clinical Reflexologist, Accredited Tiny Toes Baby Massage & Reflexology Instructor, and and Nanny to three beautiful granddaughters, from 3 weeks old to 4 years!

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