Healing Energy


Reiki is a traditional, Japanese method that uses energy to heal the spirit, body and mind. By simply placing hands on or above key points in the body, energy is transferred to enable balance and harmony. This is a very relaxing treatment suitable for everyone, including children.

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A great treatment that really works! Not only is this treatment highly relaxing, it can support with many conditions experienced within the body, mind & at soul level, creating balance, inner peace and increasing overall wellbeing. Just lay back and relax! Includes 45 minute treatment and consultation time.

Ideal for anyone that wants a shorter treatment, with the same great benefits and perfect for children. Includes 30 minute treatment and consultation time.

Never experienced Reiki before and would like to find out more about how it feels? Come along for a 30 minute taster session which includes a 20 minute treatment, brief consultation and answering of any questions you may have.