Want to increase your sense of peace? Feel more relaxed? Or enhance your overall wellbeing?

Why not book your Reiki session today and enjoy some of the benefits below…

Benefits of Reiki

  • • Self-healing from stress, illness, pain or mental unrest such as anxiety
  • • Unblock chakras and meridian lines
  • • Enable deep relaxation
  • • Improve sleep
  • • Increase overall well-being
  • • Increase energy levels
  • • Inner peace
  • • Calm mind and clearer focus
  • • Reduce stress
  • • Over time, increased physical, mental and emotional balance

Please see the links below for information relating to direct benefits of Reiki with heart attack patients and patients that have had surgery.

Heart Attack Patients
Surgery Patients

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key), translated from Japanese, simply means ‘universal energy’ that flows around and within everyone and everything. Through a system created by Mikao Usui (a traditional Reiki practice), Reiki was introduced as a way to self-heal and progress spiritually, by using this energy to support healing and relaxation within the body. When this system was introduced in the West, it was used to support others to self-heal and is now an extremely popular and non-invasive, complementary therapy for enabling holistic wellbeing.

What do sessions look like?

  • • Pre treatment conversation to find out how you are
  • • Ensure you are laying comfortably and ready to begin
  • • You will lay face up, fully clothed, with removal of shoes, glasses etc… and loosen anything that could be restrictive such as a belt or scarf
  • • A blanket may be used for warmth
  • • Music can be played to enhance relaxation
  • • I lightly place my hands on (or off, as required) key areas of the body that relate to the chakras and then any areas that I may feel drawn to. This is not invasive in any way
  • • Energy is transient, so will go to where it is needed, whilst the hand positions enable a more holistic, directed and balanced approach to ensure full relaxation by the end of the session
  • • You will be offered water following your treatment to enable you to feel ‘more yourself’ again after relaxing and maybe, falling asleep!
  • • Post treatment conversation to discuss how you are feeling and plan any next steps
  • • The first session includes a short consultation to ensure any issues are known in advance of the session, enabling me to maintain your wetllbeing before, during or after the session, as may be required

What you may experience during the session

  • • Tingling sensations
  • • Emotional release
  • • Feeling hot or cold
  • • Tiredness
  • • Nothing at all but still have the full benefit of the treatment!

After care

  • • Drink plenty of water
  • • Avoid coffee or alcohol
  • • Rest or sleep if needed
  • • Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions you may have

What Reiki cannot do

  • • Reiki cannot be used to diagnose ailments or illnesses, so please see your healthcare professionals if you are concerned about your health
  • • Reiki is not a replacement for any current or treatment you require under your health care professionals


Records are kept to:
  • • enable a strong partnership of trust between us
  • • ensure compliance with insurance policy