Healing Energy


Reiki is an extremely POWERFUL, energy healing method that gets results! Combined with Shamanic breathing (where able) this really is kicking ass!

I have used Reiki since 2014 and felt so different - from feeling stressed and not having a sense of inner peace to feeling calm and centred - as though nothing around me could bother me or be a problem. All was well and approaching life this way meant that anything that did come along was easily sorted too.

How does it help?

Reiki supports depression and anxiety too as I have learnt from my own experiences and also from those of clients, where, for some, anxiety relief has been felt after just one session.

How does it work?

Reiki is a traditional, Japanese method that uses channelled Universal energy to naturally help you heal your soul, body, mind and emotions. By setting intentions, following my intuition and simply placing hands on or above key points in the body (as taught in Usui methods), energy is transferred to clear anything not aligned with your highest good, enabling self healing to bring balance and harmony. I believe energy is intelligent and will go exactly where it is needed.

Hand positions help direct energy but never control or stop it from flowing to another area where it is needed.

This is a highly relaxing, non-invasive treatment suitable for everyone, including children and you are in a safe, comfortable environment - perfect for releasing anything troubling you, in confidence.

Clients have said they feel more centred, experienced pain relief, felt more relaxed and so much more! Life has changed for clients with family and friends commenting on differences seen.

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Kick ass energy healing with Shamanic breathing (where able) to support rebalancing of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, to support stress, anxiety and depression, and any health concerns.

40 - 45 minute treatment with brief conversation at start/end to check you are ok and sharing of aftercare advice if applicable. Detailed aftercare advice will be emailed.

Consultation form to be completed via email prior to the first session.

Never experienced Reiki before and would like to find out more about how it feels? Come along for a 30 minute taster session which includes a 20 minute treatment, brief check that you are ok and answering of any questions you may have.

Health form(s) to be completed prior to the appointment, sent in the confirmation email.