Healing Energy


Reflexology is POWERFUL. Combining Reflexology with Reiki and Shamanic breathing (where able) means kick ass treatments that make a difference. FACT.

But, is it for you?

I know how well these treatments work as I have treatments myself. Clearer focus, decreased night sweats (my age, I guess), reduced neck pain and tension, reduced stress and clearer sinuses are just some of my positive experiences…otherwise I wouldn’t offer it. I felt the benefits of reflexology as a teenager and have never forgotten the relaxation and sense of peace - I was highly anxious but hadn’t recognised this at the time.

It works with the entire human body - so is known as ‘holistic’ therapy. It is supporting our bodies to self heal and bring us back into balance or harmony.

It’s a treatment believed to date back to Egyptian times and is natural - helpful for people supported by conventional medicine and for anyone interested in alternative therapies as they feel they have been supported all they can conventionally - although, of course, never replaces seeing a medical professional with any concerns you may have.

So, how does it help?

Physical body - by stimulating nerve endings in the feet that are linked or mapped to different parts of the body. Or hands for people with sore feet.

Mental and emotional bodies - by stimulating and re-balancing the brain and aspects within the brain, such as the amygdala or our ‘emotional brain’ which may release emotions or support depression, aiding self healing.

Energy body - by using energy healing to support any energetic blocks as well as supporting the physical, mental and emotional states. For example, linking the adrenal glands if someone that had high blood pressure as this is very gentle and will not raise blood pressure further, but is still very effective in supporting the rebalancing of your adrenal glands.

With stress and anxiety?

Oftentimes, with stress and anxiety, your fight/flight/freeze mode is constantly ‘on’ so you are always in a state of high alert. This means your body never goes into rest mode and may be why you feel unable to relax or stop thoughts whirring around. By working with relevant reflexes such as your brain and central nervous system, it is possible to help your body rebalance back to a state of rest or relaxation.

Who for?

There are only a few contraindications for reflexology which are believed may cause more harm if treated:

  •  Deep vein thrombosis
  •  Gangrene
  •  Infectious disease
  •  High temperature
  •  Phlebitis

Unsure whether this will meet your needs? You can contact me to ask questions via email, text, by calling or via one of my social media pages. If I can help you, I will tell you.

Book now to have your treatment with a Reflexologist trained to the highest level possible - Level 5. Over 100 case studies carried out prior to being qualified.

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Fullest, kick ass treatment, also using Reiki and Shamanic breathing (where able) for complete rebalancing of physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, working with all primary and secondary reflexes on the feet and ankles.

Treatments are planned to support your needs with balancing of all body systems, including the Central Nervous System, as one primary source of relaxation to move you from fight/flight mode to rest mode - for stress, anxiety or depression, with further planning for any presenting illnesses or heath concerns.

40 - 45 minute treatment.

Brief conversation at start/end to check you are ok and gain consent for treatment if it is your first one, with an aftercare suggestion to support you beyond the session, where applicable.

Not sure if Reflexology is for you? They try the taster session with a 20 - 25 minute treatment, consultation time and suggestions to support you. Don’t be fooled by the length as you will still receive a treatment covering primary reflexes for our body systems, including brain and nervous system to support stress, anxiety or depression and any conditions you may have. Another great length of treatment for young children too.

Brief conversation at start/end to check you are ok and gain consent for treatment if it is your first one, with an aftercare suggestion to support you beyond the session, where applicable.

Consultation form, for initial treatment, to be completed via email prior to first session to keep the session to within an hour.

Another kick ass treatment, designed specifically to support stress.

This is a highly effective sequence of reflexes on the feet. Reiki is also used, making this a highly effective and relaxing treatment for rebalancing key body systems affected by stress and anxiety.

Includes 30 minute treatment, brief conversation at start/end to check you are ok and signing of any consent forms in first treatment. Aftercare advice to be emailed following the session, where applicable.

Short treatment adjusted to meet your baby’s or toddler’s needs, with consultation time and aftercare advice, where appropriate.