Healing Energy


Reflexology is a treatment believed to date back to Egyptian times, which works by gently applying pressure to foot or hand reflexes that map to areas of the body. This harmonises and balances the body and mind, supporting many conditions and is generally, very relaxing.

The various treatments on offer can support everyone, including children & young people.

I provide treatments at the highest level (level 5) ensuring the best clinical treatment for you.

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Book this treatment for a complete sense of relaxation and wellbeing, easing away health concerns along the way. As this is a Level 5 Clinical Reflexology treatment, it can support with many different symptoms or conditions including headaches, stress, anxiety, menopause, neck & shoulder tension, enlarged prostate, arthritis, hay fever, sinusitis & sleep issues. Includes 40 - 45 minute treatment and consultation time.

These treatments are brilliant, as a shorter treatment, for children or anyone unable to sit for too long, with the same amazing benefits! Includes 30 minute treatment and consultation time.

This is designed especially for all those stresses in life that just need to disappear, with the added bonus of relaxing too! Ideal for exam stress or anxiety and for any age. Includes 25-30 minute treatment and consultation time.

Ideal for anyone unable to have a foot treatment due to soreness or injury, this is a perfect alternative. Includes 25 minute treatment and consultation time.

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