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Welcome to my written card readings where you will receive a detailed, uplifting reading to keep forever or at least until you are ready for the next one! These readings have been taken to places near and far by clients, as a reminder of exactly what you are capable of, as the card decks are supportive and loving in the message they give.

  •  Want to have some answers or clear guidance on your next steps?
  •  Have a specific question or situation in mind - or just generally curious?
  •  Love to be able to keep and return to a reading any time you choose?

The cards never lie! You will always get what is best for you, at the time you ask, but remember you have free will and can change directions in life as you want - this is guidance to support you in your own decision making.

You can choose different card layouts or ‘spreads’ - a single card, three cards or a Celtic Cross.

All readings support a situation or question that you want answers for or can be a general reading in relation to where you are now. There is no pressure to have to decide anything specific. The cards will still be the right cards for you, at this time.

If you want to know about relationships, you may want to use the Romance cards for one of your card choices and add cards from another deck, if you choose a Three Card or Celtic Cross reading.

Single Card Reading £10

Ideal for a shorter reading which gets straight to the heart of where you are now. Choose one Tarot or Oracle Card pack for this reading.

Three Card Reading £30

Past, present and future reading - great for clarity of what came before, is happening now and will likely occur in the near future, linked to your situation or question. You can choose one or two decks for this reading.

Celtic Cross Reading £60

A 10 card layout, including where you are, problems linked to this, hopes or fears, near future, relevant past and outcome. Detailed and thorough, leaving you clear about where you are, what has influenced this and where you will be, should you choose to follow the guidance. You can choose up to three card decks for this reading.

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Book Online (after payment)

How it works

1. Pay for the reading of your choice from options above

2, Book a time slot using the Book Online button - navigate to ‘Card Readings’. You will need to read point 3 below, before doing this, to make your choices.

3. Write in the ‘Notes’ when you book:

  •  The question or situation you would like guidance about. Or ‘general’ if you do not have a specific question.
  •  Your card deck choice(s) for any of the readings. You can choose two cards decks for the three card reading. E.g. For a three card reading, two from Fairy Tarot deck and one from the Romance deck. For the Celtic Cross reading, you may choose up to three card decks. Information on card decks is in the link below.
  •  The Paypal reference and ensure you have included an accurate email address you would like the reading to be sent to.

After You Have Booked a Reading

At your appointed time, I will clear the energy of the room and the card deck, to set the energy to align with you - by visualising a connection to you, as I set intentions for your reading to align with your highest divine will and ask for this to be accurate and clear.

What You Receive

A detailed, bespoke reading aligned with you and your situation or question.

A written Word document, with your card reading and card images that is sent to you via email.


The reading will be completed as soon as possible, using the booked slot. In the rare event there is an issue, I will get in touch with you.

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