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Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

Are you looking for some guidance in your life at the moment, within a relaxing and peaceful setting, with no judgement? Or a quick answer to a burning question?

If so, why not have a face to face, text or written card reading, with detailed and inspiring messages, designed especially for you!

All you need to do is decide the question or questions you would like answered, choose from a range of card decks and choose whether you would prefer a written or spoken message. The text service is perfectly designed to support you with a short question and straightforward answer!

Readings are available for children with Magical Unicorn cards suitable for any question they may have. Readings are sensitively provided to support in a caring and uplifting style.

If a reading is not quite what you are looking for, why not take a look at our Loving Messages range if looking for a unique or bespoke keepsake, with a loving message for any special occasion in our Gifts section. Ideal for adults and children alike!

Gift vouchers also available for any written or face to face reading. Postage & Packaging charges may apply.

Face To Face Readings £25

30 minute reading for guidance. Please be clear about any questions you may have to ensure the answers are clear from the cards. To book, please contact me.

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Text Readings £3

Ask a single question and receive a short guidance message.
Please send your question to 07789 953292, after payment (with Paypal reference).

Written Readings from £10

Choose from any card deck and, dependent on the number of questions you have, choose from a one card (one question) to nine (in-depth guidance) card reading. You will receive an inspiring, detailed reading via email or Messenger (whichever you prefer). Choose from Angel, Fairy, Guardian Angel, Archangel Power or The Original Rider Waite Tarot card decks, and Life Purpose, Angel Therapy, Romance, Magical Unicorns, Butterfly & Your Spiritual Journey Oracle card decks. Please contact me once you have made payment.

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