About Me

Lisa Tye

Mission Statement

At the heart of healing, not as a great healer, but as the best practitioner I can be in supporting, encouraging and sharing love with everyone to empower self healing and joy.


With a desire to increase my overall well-being and life balance, I felt drawn to Reiki (a traditional Japanese system) which I first studied as a method for self-healing, by completing Shoden level, 1st Degree, moving to Okuden, Level 2 and then Shinpiden, Level 3. This rapidly proved to be not only a focus on personal development in relation to my health and well-being, but also, for my spiritual development, where I began to realise there was a link between my spiritual health and my mental & physical wellbeing. Reiki enhanced my life and promoted a sense of calm, amongst other health benefits, especially through more challenging moments in my life!
By completing Shinpiden level, 3rd degree means I work with Reiki every day to continue to support my own health and well-being and work at a deeper spiritual level for my own self development. This level also means I am now trained as a Master/Teacher and is the highest level that can be achieved. I will continue to work with people, as before, and develop teaching materials to support anyone else that feels they would like to learn about Reiki as part of their spiritual and wellbeing experience.


As a teenager, I volunteered to be a "guinea pig" for someone training in Reflexology and developed a love for the way it made me feel and couldn't wait for my next session. I didn't fully understand how it worked but knew how it made me feel, which is the reason this experience has stayed with me and inspired me to train in Reflexology myself. As a Level 5, Clinical Reflexologist, I have trained to the highest standard available and am able to support many health conditions including fertility, pregnancy and supporting those within palliative care. The training was very intensive and required over 100 case studies to ensure the highest level of competence in the field of Reflexology.

Baby Massage Reflexology

Well, what can I say about this other than, I love working with children and love babies. Having used massage on my own baby, I discovered how amazing this felt to do with my baby and how calming this was for her. Inspired and excited by the Tiny Toes programme, I can now work, not only with babies and their parents or carers, by using my passion for Reflexology but combine this with massage, to provide the ultimate tools for soothing and supporting babies and the different conditions they may experience, for happy babies and happy families.

Aromatherapy Massage

A passion for using aromatherapy oils came into my life many years ago where I used them to soothe and relax myself. I happily dropped them into my bath or into a diffuser and allowed the scents to relax or revive me! The scents are amazing and being able to use oils as part of my Reflexology and Foot Massage treatments is exciting as I know the benefits these oils have with our overall relaxation and health and believe they can only further enhance these fantastic treatments.


The development of spiritual and psychic mediumship and love of philosophical writing first came in 2014, from an invitation to join a spiritual development circle where I thoroughly enjoyed providing clear and detailed messages and philosophy, to people, both from a psychic and spiritual connection. I have trained with other practitioners to develop my card reading skills and my readings have been validated to be detailed, accurate and inspiring


Gaining a Diploma in Meditation has enabled me to consider my meditation practices and how these have promoted my overall well-being and guidance in life. This has led to the privilege of sharing these practices with my clients, family and friends.


I believed in fairies as a child and, as an adult, I have now re-kindled a love of all things magical! I believe that any thing which supports a healthy spirit, body and mind, providing love and fun in my life can only be a good thing!


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